Well, then suddenly something happened, so it falls within, how I go finish my painting.

On 09-09-09, there are several gates in the energy / universe opened. This work," connect", since one year I stopped painting. I know that  the middle is not yet ready. The special is also that the center was wet, the paint stuck, more than half years. Synchronicities I see through different development of this work. The following excerpt from the magazine "Spiegelbeeld" says a lot about it .                                                                                          

Fibonacci and the way of transmutation: These are 2 worlds, the old and the new world, in the middle of the 8 still connected. In "A New Formula for Creation" Judith called the meeting point of the 2 loops of the infinity symbol "point zero". In her vision our planet lead all creation through the zero point, through this time  gate. The Earth is a cosmic mother who weaves the web of Creation: "See her now through the zero point, the 9th Gate of Time, to emerge with the creation in her lap to reborn to be.

Something has changed in the energy, the point 0 will shine in this work and the 2 worlds to connect a new creation, a new creation. Splatters of mountings how I go finish my work. ...Soon...                                                                                                                                             Now I see 11/11 that continue to change the images in this work. I still see the brilliance of the stones, but the form in which they are changing, the lemniscate is gone. I see now that the forms were, as a galaxy-like fybonacci the center of the canvas from moving. Am I in it ..to paint this,or  will it keep on changing? Does this work symbolizes the changes of today, which is going so fast that we can not catch it....


Last week the answer is invaded, visible from different angles. The center represents Hunab K'u. The pulse of all possibilities within itself. (And never finished!) How special? is it finally back in place, can be seen. Synchronous eventually. I can now accept that it is not finished  and can not, because the center ...  pulsate. I emphasize this  processing whith small gems around the middle , as stars who guide the brilliant energy of Hunab K'u  ... and move.

Then a Hunab K'u little explanation.

Very nice expressed the following: Hunab K'u is the heart of the galaxy, the place the Maya call the cosmic womb. Hunab K'u is the One Creator of size and movement, the heart of the galaxy which according to the Mayans and all size and motion. Hunab K'u is seen as a transmitter of radiating energy / information. The stars used as lenses to transmit energy to planets. Our Earth is the Sun ("Kin" in Yucatec language) the main transmitter for the energy of Hunab Ku. It is the lens which Earth receives direct galactic information. The pulses of Hunab K'u be seen as a language, or code / energy stored in the Tzolkin, a universal harmonic module that carries every possible combination of Hunab Ku in him.  It is the Sacred Calendar. Hunab K'u is the numerical relationship between the numbers 13 and 20. They represent movement and size, shape and energy, spirit and soul. Hunab K'u is both one and the other, as neither the one nor the other. The male and female, yet it is neuter. In Guatemala, they call it often: Heart of the heart of Heaven and Earth..